Jorge is an Architectural Project Manager at Nova who joined the company in 2020. He is responsible for zoning analysis, schematic design, master planning, and participating in presentations of new project ideas for clients.

While working for Nova, Jorge has been involved in many international projects, including Orient City and 176 West. His work experience includes working for local and multinational companies of different sizes in Mexico and the USA. He was employed by LeAP in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 2010, doing conceptual work on residential projects. Jorge started collaborating with PRP Architects (UK) in 2013, working on large retail projects.

In 2016 Jorge was hired by AECOM (US) and became involved in developing international projects. In 2018, he started collaborating with Cleverteck in Spain to reconstruct retail spaces and was later appointed its chief project architect. He then worked in collaboration with Marco Casamonti Partners in Italy.

Jorge graduated from Monterrey Institute of Technology. He attended film photography and sketching courses at the school and participated in multiple workshops, some of which had sponsors such as Ghery Technologies. Jorge enjoys hand sketching and is interested in the visual arts.

Architectural Project Manager

Jorge Ortiz
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