Orient City

1,507,000 SF
Stage of construction:
in progress

Project description
This residential complex project in Uzbekistan is imbued with elements of Eastern culture, providing a new and forward-thinking architectural concept.

A step towards transforming and elevating the approach to modern architecture in Uzbekistan, this project is about the future, architecture for people, and the richness of tradition. Each residential block has a unique name and style, which are evident in the facade's decorative elements.

The project will be built on the site between Fargon Jüli and Kushpurik Streets. The total area of the building is 1,507,000 sq. ft. The residential complex is located just 2.5 km from the city center and 2 km from the Tashkent metro station.

Architectural Schematic
Design, Design Development
Golden House
The concept is based on combining traditional motifs with modern architectural solutions. Orient City's architecture is a 21st-century interpretation of an ancient eastern fairy tale. Borrowed from the story, there is a "house sky" with extensive glazing on its facade and a "house rock," which has an angular outline and is lined with natural stone. Vertical foliage of "houses-forests" and "house-gardens" evokes the image of a shimmering green oasis in the middle of the desert.
Project concept
At the heart of the project is a river park, a recreational zone featuring fountains, streams, cafes, restaurants, a market square, and shops peppered with solar tents in the form of cotton-filled bottles. They form the shadow of a cotton mall, where one can seek refuge from the sweltering sun which beats down on the site.
The local climate was a major consideration in designing this project. Because the sun is so strong in this location, the most expensive apartments are located on the lower floors. A cooling façade constructed from vertical foliage, balconies, pergolas, and windows hidden in niches keeps the interior climate comfortable for the residents of all floors.
Victoria Shmidt, Assoc. AIA, USGBC
Design Director
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