About Nova
Nova is a seamless design team extension of Architects, Engineers, and Planners specializing in the field of Hospitality, Multifamily and Mixed-Use projects.

With our extensive background and expertise, we have successfully collaborated with prominent Design Architectural Firms both in the United States and internationally.
Tilda Publishing
Tilda Publishing
We combine knowledge of efficiency and cost with available financial options to select the optimal sustainable strategy to maximize project efficacy.
IT Solution
Our proprietary IT service increases project value by employing computation analysis to assess multiple parameters—efficiency, daylight, view range and more.
Building Information Modeling
In addition to providing project development services in Revit, we also bring our vast experience in BIM coordination, and BIM management implementation.
Off-site manufacturing
Nova`s prefab expertise is based on a rich history of completed projects, including panelized, prefabricated pods and fully volumetric modular techniques.
Process & Craft
We begin each project with extensive research in order to understand its environmental, cultural, and historical context. We use our findings to create a strong sense of place for the structure that will be built.

Site Analysis
In this phase, we examine factors such as site location, size, topography, and climate, taking into consideration any potential future conditions.
The building we create is the result of its setting and the site's specific requirements. In addition to being efficient and aesthetically appealing, it must also reflect the time and context in which it is built.

Zoning Analysis
The starting point of the construction process is zoning analysis, one of our specialties.
We create a comprehensive report that assesses the development rights of the property based on local zoning regulations. As part of the due diligence that we conduct, this analysis determines what can be built on the property.

Marketing Analysis
Among the different types of research, we perform to ensure the success of a project is market analysis.
Understanding the current market conditions helps us propose ideas that will guarantee the best business value, and create a more unique and well-received project.
Through techniques ranging from sketching and modeling to research and architectural theory, we serve all the stakeholders of a project.

Architectural Modeling
We use architectural modeling to produce a 3-dimensional representation of our design, giving our clients a feel for what the project will physically look like. Used as a presentation tool to express our design plan, it is a 3-d replica of the overall design on a much smaller scale.

Research & Development
We are constantly pushing the boundaries of possibilities to provide the highest quality solutions for our clients. We do this in part by engaging in research and development internally, as co-creators in industry initiatives, and through collaborations with research organizations.

We aim to serve our industry and society in addition to our clients by creating a clear connection between innovation and practice while remaining at the forefront of sustainable design. We believe that always being curious, considering the world around us, and staying active in the research and development of contemporary architecture are as important as our knowledge and mastery of architecture and engineering. These values are evident in our processes and methods as well as our commitment to finding the best solution for our clients.

Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards
• River Park — Winner
• Orient City — Winner
• Palmira Garden Hotel & SPA —
Best Hotel Architecture in Europe
Global Future Design Awards
• Palmira Garden Hotel & SPA — Winner
International Property Awards
Nova is proud of its diverse, multi-national team of seasoned professionals. Our corporate culture is rooted in partnership, loyalty, collaboration, and diversity. Our company values independence and initiative in our employees, and cultural communication and interaction at every level. Every voice is heard, every promising concept is tested, and every great idea is implemented.
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