Daria Dziuba is a Senior Architectural Designer at Nova who joined the company in 2016. Her master course in Architecture at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute not only
deepened her field knowledge but also evolved Daria`s innate fluid and seamless artistic vision.

In his current position, Daria is responsible for implementing all architectural projects, including Design, Construction Documents, Permitting, Bidding, and Construction Administration. Among these, the most important part of her work is efficient communication with clients and subcontractors, as well as with other architects through monitoring and making recommendations thus that project requirements are met.

Daria took part in design with such notable projects as 262 Avenue, Hilton Hotel, Hampton Hotel, Elm Cooper, Hoboken Heights, 29 West, and Great Wolf Lodge Bath Pods and with many other high-profile clients on the large-scale projects.

Regularly Daria strengthens her body by jogging and still her mind with yoga. In her spare time, she crafts lovely vytynankies – a Ukrainian folk art form of papercutting.
Senior Architectural Designer

Daria Dziuba
Selected Projects