Market Street

67,878 SF
Stage of construction:

in progress
Newark, NJ
Located within the Redevelopment Zone of Newark, the project sits on two plots that together form a through lot with frontage on Market Street as well as Union Street. This condition provided us with the opportunity to make the most out of the available area within the heart of the block by creating a large shared courtyard. This open area works as an extension of the public space that provides what sidewalks alone cannot. The courtyard comprises a public square with a garden, a boulevard, and a relaxation zone, and it is in direct connection with a set of retail, office, and amenity spaces that work for both residents and the community at large.
Project description
Architectural design
The facade design follows the relative regularity of window openings in the surrounding buildings, the subtle changes in their framing which makes them distinguishable, and the historical features that provide them with a specific character. The overall length and height of the buildings also demanded we look for ways to make them more relatable to the surrounding buildings and in some ways provide a transition between buildings of different heights and typologies. We accomplished this by splitting the building into two planes that differentiate in materiality and depth, providing building portions that are coherent with the scale of the surrounding buildings.
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